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Overview Family Chronology
Born: 1874 in Coton, Cambridgeshire
Baptised: 27/9/1874 in Coton, Cambridgeshire
Died: 5/1/1933 in Cambridge
Immediate family
Father: William POTTRELL
Mother: Mary Ann COWELL

Parents Spouse's parents
Father: William POTTRELL  (1825 - 1903) Father:  
Mother: Mary Ann COWELL  (1829 - 1921) Mother:  
Jessie Richard POTTRELL
Born: 1874 in Coton, Cambridgeshire Born:
Baptised: 27/9/1874 in Coton, Cambridgeshire Baptised:
Died: 5/1/1933 in Cambridge Died:
Buried Buried
Marriage records
No known marriages
No known children
Known siblings Spouse's known siblings
William John POTTRELL [P]  (1854 - 1940, aged 86)
Frederick James POTTRELL  (1856 - 1916, aged 60)
Mary Ann POTTRELL  (1858 - 1929, aged 71)
Emma Tryphena POTTRELL  (1860 - 1901, aged 41)
Edith POTTRELL [D]  (1863 - 1945, aged 81)
Annie Elizabeth POTTRELL  (1865 - 1954, aged 89)
Alice POTTRELL  (1867 - 1954, aged 87)
George POTTRELL  (1869 - 1950, aged 81)
Elizabeth POTTRELL  (1871 - Unknown)
Jessie Richard POTTRELL  (1874 - 1933, aged 59)
Type Date Event
Birth 1874 Jessie Richard POTTRELL was born
Baptism 27/9/1874 Jessie Richard POTTRELL was baptised
Death 5/1/1933 Jessie Richard POTTRELL died
Death 10/1/1903 William POTTRELL (Father) died
Death 4/1/1921 Mary Ann COWELL (Mother) died
Burial 15/1/1903 William POTTRELL (Father) was buried
Birth 9/8/1854 William John POTTRELL (Brother) was born
Death 1940 William John POTTRELL (Brother) died
Birth 1856 Frederick James POTTRELL (Brother) was born
Death 1916 Frederick James POTTRELL (Brother) died
Burial 22/2/1916 Frederick James POTTRELL (Brother) was buried
Birth 30/11/1858 Mary Ann POTTRELL (Sister) was born
Death 1929 Mary Ann POTTRELL (Sister) died
Birth 1860 Emma Tryphena POTTRELL (Sister) was born
Death 1901 Emma Tryphena POTTRELL (Sister) died
Birth 23/5/1863 Edith POTTRELL (Sister) was born
Death 1945 Edith POTTRELL (Sister) died
Burial 24/12/1945 Edith POTTRELL (Sister) was buried
Birth 1865 Annie Elizabeth POTTRELL (Sister) was born
Death 1954 Annie Elizabeth POTTRELL (Sister) died
Birth 14/8/1867 Alice POTTRELL (Sister) was born
Death 1954 Alice POTTRELL (Sister) died
Baptism 23/9/1869 George POTTRELL (Brother) was baptised
Death 1950 George POTTRELL (Brother) died
Birth Oct 1871 Elizabeth POTTRELL (Sister) was born

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