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Overview Family Chronology
Born: 1920
Immediate family
Father: Frederick William POTTERELL [P]
Mother: Eleanor Jessie WILLINGALE
Spouse: Phillippa Joyce SHRIVES

Parents Spouse's parents
Father: Frederick William POTTERELL  (1880 - 1950) Father:  
Mother: Eleanor Jessie WILLINGALE  (1885 - 1973) Mother:  
Christian Frederick POTTERELL Phillippa Joyce SHRIVES
Born: 1920 Born: 5/11/1919
Baptised: Baptised:
Died: Died: 1972 in Aberayron, Dyfed, Wales
Buried Buried
Marriage records
Phillippa Joyce SHRIVES 1942
Daphne Beatrice C EDWARDS 1980
Unknown POTTERELL Unknown - Unknown
Diana M POTTERELL 1945 - Living
Known siblings Spouse's known siblings
Christian Frederick POTTERELL  (1920 - Unknown)
Harold William POTTERELL  (1922 - 1999, aged 77)
Type Date Event
Birth 1920 Christian Frederick POTTERELL was born
Death 1950 Frederick William POTTERELL (Father) died
Death 1973 Eleanor Jessie WILLINGALE (Mother) died
Birth 16/1/1922 Harold William POTTERELL (Brother) was born
Death 1999 Harold William POTTERELL (Brother) died
Death 1972 Phillippa Joyce SHRIVES (Wife) died
Death 1995 Daphne Beatrice C EDWARDS (Wife) died

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