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Overview Family Chronology
Born: 1744
Baptised: Nov 1744 in Langley, Essex
Buried: 28/1/1813 in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire
Immediate family
Father: Thomas POTTRELL [W]
Mother: Rebecca ADAMS

Spouse's parents Parents
Father:   Father: Thomas POTTRELL  (1719 - 1768)
Mother:   Mother: Rebecca ADAMS  (1713 - 1796)
Born: Born: 1744
Baptised: Baptised: Nov 1744 in Langley, Essex
Died: Died:
Buried Buried 28/1/1813 in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire
Marriage records
No known marriages
No known children
Spouse's known siblings Known siblings
Ann POTTRELL  (1744 - 1813, aged 69)
Rebecca POTTRELL  (1747 - Unknown)
Thomas POTTRELL  (1748 - 1778 [W], aged 30)
Mary POTTRELL  (1752 - Unknown)
Type Date Event
Birth 1744 Ann POTTRELL was born
Baptism Nov 1744 Ann POTTRELL was baptised
Burial 28/1/1813 Ann POTTRELL was buried
Death 1768 Thomas POTTRELL (Father) died
Death 1796 Rebecca ADAMS (Mother) died
Burial 3/12/1768 Thomas POTTRELL (Father) was buried
Burial 8/2/1796 Rebecca ADAMS (Mother) was buried
Birth 1747 Rebecca POTTRELL (Sister) was born
Birth 1748 Thomas POTTRELL (Brother) was born
Death 17/6/1778 Thomas POTTRELL (Brother) died
Burial 21/6/1778 Thomas POTTRELL (Brother) was buried
Baptism 1752 Mary POTTRELL (Sister) was baptised

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